My mother and me. 1972

Mothers will always be mothers.
Remembering how proud they were when you learned to crawl.
Surprised to see you running.

Always looking at you like you were still a fresh infant.
Head tilted, half-smiling, eyes full of almost-tears. Calling you “Baby” and “Sugar” in front of people… you know… and don’t know.

Mothers will always be mothers they will.
And they will sacrifice so much.
But you will never know it, if they are the good kind.
And you will never understand it until you become one.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

Dedicated to my mother. She raised two girls on her own, always putting us first.

She is the good kind.

Nothing To See But The Sea


Photo Taken By: Mechelle Ritchie Foster

Nothing to see but the sea.
Navy-blue deep
All around me.
Sun on my face, hair loose and free,
And nothing to see but the sea.

Nothing to see but the sea.
Puffy white clouds look like cotton to me.
Icy fruit drinks, refreshing and sweet,
And nothing to see but the sea.

Nothing to see but the sea.
Moonlight path
Leads to beauty and peace.
Rocked by the waves,
Lulled to sleep by the breeze,
And nothing to see but the sea.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster



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All Alone inside
Coat and galoshes on
Hearing the thunder roar
And watching the lighting flash
Praying for the courage to brave the storm

I have somewhere I need to go
I plan the route of least obstacle
But the thunder is loud
And I know lighting strikes without warning

So for now I remain
And frustrated with this useless umbrella.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

Heavy Bonnet

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I tire so of this heavy bonnet-
White and scratchy,
Ruffles upon it.
Why must my kin
Upon me gawk
With “goochy goo” and nonsense talk?
Kissing and pinching and bouncing me…
It’s enough to make a baby cry!

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

Waking Up

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Lying next to you,
peaceful and still,
Light peeking at us from behind the curtains.

Not yet committed to the day,
Still claiming the night,
I hear nothing.
And I love the sound.

I smile because I am content.
And then your eyes open.
The first thing you say is, “What time is it?!”

You aren’t content to lie here in solitude like me.
You are immediately committed to the day, bound by it, in fact.

You? You never hear nothing.
If you did, you would not recognize it,
And you would be suspicious of it.
No, you never hear nothing,
For the sound of the clock is always in your ears.

Unknowingly, You have just ripped off my covers of night,
Leaving me bare to face the day.

So forgive me if I am offended by you.
And forgive me if I don’t answer.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

Marital Bliss

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If you grouse
With your spouse
Remorse will be your course

If your rant
You won’t recant
Then right will be your plight

But lay your will aside
And in peace you shall abide.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

Plummeting Petals

If April showers bring May flowers,
Then what do May flowers bring?
A colorful display of aromatic bouquet
To be tossed by the first bride of Spring.

Mechelle Ritchie Foster

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